How To access IP Address Login, is a combination of binary digits assigned to networking devices. This is called the IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Manufacturers assign IP addresses to devices for networking purpose. Depending on the nature of the device, static or dynamic IP addresses are assigned by the manufacturers.

These devices could be your standalone devices like your smartphone, personal computers, tablets, etc.

It would be interesting to know that it is basically a gateway to connect different devices for networking.

You will find various series of binary digits starting from to, but is one of the most popular ones. Let’s dig into some interesting information on how these are helpful for us.

What is the Purpose of

We all need an access point to connect to the internet and this can’t be done without knowing the static IP address of the router.

Imagine, you have purchased an internet connection and now you are intending to use it.

Company has provided you with a router that can be accessed via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, but you don’t know any other detail about your device to use internet connection.

Here, you will be needed an admin panel or a web interface to interact with the router for your required settings.

Now, works as a gateway here and take you down to your device web interface where you will find all the rudimentary and important properties of your router.

As we have got to know that this will be our static IP address therefore, we can always use the same IP address to access the web interface of our router.

Some manufacturers may change this static IP address as per their preference because they want to keep it a unique one or could be any other reason.

So the main aim here is to identify and confirm your IP address and later on, we’ll explore how we can discover our static IP address.

How to find (IP address)?

Many of us might have been using the router for the first time. So, considering IP address to be the most important thing about your router and manufacturers make sure that it is visible to their customers very easily. Let’s chalk down some easy procedure to find your IP address.

  1. Usually, it is located on the back side of the router along with the serial number and MAC address.
  2. Some manufacturers paste it on the flip side of the router.
  3. You can also find it in the retail box of your device.
  4. If one couldn’t locate IP address with the above steps, one can find it from a personal computer.
  5. Just connect your Ethernet cable with your computer. Open control panel and open network settings. You will find your router name icon. “Right Click” on your router and “click” on properties. In general properties, “click” on details and IPv4 gateway will reflect your router’s static IP address.

How to Login IP Address?

Finally, we have learned different steps to identify our static IP address and we are now ready to log in. To login to your IP address, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open any web browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  2. On the URL bar of your web browser, enter your static IP address
  3. A window will pop up and you will be required to enter username and password.
  4. Your default username and password is already given with your static IP address.
  5. Usually, the username is “admin” and password is “admin”. Try these words, besides, look at the back of your device or it will be displayed with your IP address.
  6. You can also reset the router setting to its original factory default setting. This will change the current password to its default password as printed on the back of your router. 

How To Login Window?, once entered on the URL of your browser as described above, will take you to the login screen and you will be asked to provide username and password.

Once your username and password are approved, an admin panel or you may call it a web interface will appear.  An admin panel consists of all the settings of your router related to security, basic info, user profile and much more.

Getting access to your login page and admin panel is now not an issue anymore for you, especially, if you follow each step described previously. Above all, we can now experiment with the router as well if we encounter any sort of problem regarding login.

Router Helpline

What if we do follow each and every step and still encounter the problem? Well, many of these manufacturers offer 24/7 helpline service. Their online customer representatives are always available to sort out your issues. So don’t hesitate and do contact them if you face any issue.

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